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SmartFitter vs Conventional

SMARTFITTER vs CONVENTIONAL METHODOLOGY: Conventional: Many Students Study hard … just to get a Pass Mark. Pii Piper: Our Students gain Total Mastery. Most Prove this by scoring 100% for their CoDeMe Examinations. Conventional: Forget many of their Complicated Solutions before their Exam Results Arrive. Pii Piper: Our Solutions are Unforgettable. Our Students cannot forget our Solutions even if they tried. (We’ll show why later) ———— Conventional: Many find it difficult to solve, what for our students, are Simple Solutions … Pii Piper: Our Students Deliver any CoDeMe Pipe Fitting Solution Effortlessly. ———— Conventional: Most can solve some Problems … Some can solve most Problems. Pii Piper: 99% of our students Deliver 99% of our Pipe Fitting Solutions in seconds. ———— Conventional: Many combine "Trial & Error" Methods with a few "Tricks of the Trade" kind of Solutions. Pii Piper: Use Cutting Edge, High Tech Solutions. ———— Conventional: Learn their "Tricks of the Trade" after gaining few years eperience. Pii Piper: Can Master … All …. Piping Solutions … in … Not Years. Not Months. Not Weeks. Not even Days. (Don’t blink now) But … in HOURS !!! ———— Conventional: Time Consuming Methods place persons under pressure to (often) shirk equally time consuming Double-Checking Procedures. Pii Piper: Solutions in Seconds … Double Check in Seconds … Pressure? What Pressure? ———— Conventional: Often use tools that can only be used for one part of one problem, yet are prone to wear, difficult to store, and much more expensive than our product. Pii Piper: Ours is more than Just Great Value for money. Our SMARTPHONES come prelaoded with our SoftWare which Solves ALL common Pipe FittingProblems. And … our Phones can be gotten with an MP3 Player, a Web Browser, a Camera, GPS, etc. A True "All-Solutions-PLUS-Many-Products-in-One" ———— WELCOME … … to a Company that, since 1991, has been placing Computers where they are long overdue… In the Pockets of Pipe Fitters. Welcome to the Birth Place and home of the amazing Pii Piper … and of the … iiCADeT, iiCAPTn & iiComADOr Courses. WELCOME TO SMARTFITTER