Built on experience.
Designed with Mum & Dad in mind
Healthy Meals, Great Extra Curricula Program & Study-friendly environment for holistic development
Organized to ensure these become the best years of your life
Our focus is on Safety, Comfort & healthy interaction
Work on exam Projects with peers after hours
Hard work … balanced with good, clean fun
Limited places available. Apply now
Accommodation staff carefully selected
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Consolation & Encouragement: This is a “necessarily” long note of consolation and encouragement to mummies & daddies thinking about taking up our offer of student Accommodation: No matter what we say or do … sending your “baby” off to a college campus is never going to be easy. As mummies and daddies ourselves … we intend to ease your pain with “Student accommodation designed with mummy & daddy in mind”.

Our Company President is obviously the person who has the most influence at SmartFitter. He is also the one who is ultimately answerable to mummy and daddy. This is very convenient because he just so happens to be the one person in the company who has had 20 years’ “living away from home” experience as follows:

(a) Five years of High School spent in a Boarding School (“absolutely loved it” he says) … plus four years living in College Dormitory at Teacher’s Training College (“best years of my life”)

(b) Many years spent living in Construction Camps, in “Construction Hotels”, on an Oil Rig, in private boarding accommodation whilst away studying Mechanical Engineering at Durban University of Technology … and whilst working … all making for a grand total of approximately 20 years living under the rules of others.

(c) From the tender age of 14 until the age of 33 Mr. Manuel has lived a grand total of almost 20 years under the sometimes fantastic and sometimes scary conditions of “Boarding School, College Campus Hostel, Engineering School Private Boarding accommodation and Construction Camps and Hotels.

(d) Mr. Manuel’s overall “living out” experience has been a positive one. His best experience by far was gotten at above-mentioned Teacher’s College Campus. This and other positive experiences are the inspiration behind Mr Manuel’s zeal to ensure Students are not deprived of this most wonderful of experiences.

All the rules and positive experiences that contributed to the these fantastic “away-from-home” living experiences … are brought to bear on our student’s accommodation. This is done with safety, security and return to  mummy & daddy in an equal or better condition than was received … being our overarching priority. Ensuring they are returned as responsible men and  woman ready to go out and be productive members of society is a close second. And yes the first thing you’ll notice when you collect them will be heartache of leaving behind them an experience of a lifetime.

(a) All concerned parties get to agree and sign the House Rules regarding which even students see the value in … as they settle in to “the days of their lives” … and tons of clean fun. Good quality healthy fun is an essential complement to a student’s work/play balance. We know how much students love life … we help them maintain the perfect balance.

(b) Peace of mind: We understand how enormous peer pressure can be … however we leave no room for negative influences as we make it our duty to create an environment conducive to the building of healthy and amazing relationships between students and their peers … as they get to partake in an amazing array of activities.

(c) Though we welcome all students, Senior Leadership subscribe to Christian values … and like most responsible leaders … we undertake to do our best to keep negative influences away from our campus.

ACADEMIA HAS A STYLE OF IT’S OWN: Just by speaking with persons it’s often easy to tell whether they’ve rubbed shoulders with academia or not. We aim to expose our students to just such experiences by arranging exposure to both interaction and intellectual discussion on a host of levels.

The best time we can have as youth … is to “hang with our buddies”. Wonderful opportunities of building relationships that will last a lifetime are often lost even in some of the most prestigious institutions. Not so at SmartFitter. Seen as they have to spend 3 years with us … we take up the challenge to make these the three most wonderful years of your son’s/daughter’s life as indeed it ought to be.

Those one or two parents who have a problem with children loving their studies and enjoying the last few years of their life as youngsters … (before their never-ending work-life grind begins) … please think carefully before applying. Most of our students are going to love student life. We’d hate to have these happy well-rounded students interfering with your little boy or girl’s right to misery.

We intend to make our students’ stay absolutely comfortable and filled with the maximum fun a student can comfortably handle without neglecting their studies. Beside affording them a life-long positive experience that they will forever look back upon with with fondness … it also ensures they will have neither the time … nor the inclination to seek negative adventure.

We promise that your baby’s venture into the big wide world will be neither unnecessarily risky nor overly stressful. Keeping your precious cargo safe is one thing. Affording you peace of mind is quite another. We ensure you enjoy both.

A priceless benefit of taking advantage of our accommodation is that it allows your child to work with their peers during appointed evening study hours … on test and exam preparations … and also on Projects & Assignments.

Prices: Please call us on +1-800-906-8104 (United States Toll-free) or +27-87-551-2890 (South African National Fixed Phone) for latest accommodation prices, availability and booking.

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