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We've been involved with Process Plant Construction Training since 1991 when we started as a Sole Proprietorship
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Required: Business Partners with background in Contract Administration

OUR PAST: Established in 1991 as a Sole Proprietorship under the original name of “Elect Erect Piping Institute” … and then upgraded to a Closed Corporation in 1996 … and then registered in the United States in 2010 as “SmartFitter Incorporated” … we were the first on the planet to train construction workers on the Pii Piper Range of Process Plant Construction software that we conceived … developed … and tested … way back in 1991!!!

IN THE PIPELINE: We were way ahead of our time … and we’re looking to repeat this feat. The latest Process Plant Construction Software currently being developed by SmartFitter … is going to prove just as revolutionary. We hope to release this ground-breaking … industry-changing Process Plant Construction Software in 2020.

BACK TO THE PRESENT: Almost three decades later … and still going strong … we’re now working on another set of firsts:

(a) The first to genuinely prepare students for real world Process Plant Construction Management … by ensuring that every bit of our course content is 100% relevant with respect to the “day-to-day” construction management operations … or else … “out it goes”.

(b) The first to offer students “gestalt” … a much broader … more well-rounded approach to Construction Mastery … covering the full spectrum of Process Plant Management Courses such as Advanced Process Plant Design, Advanced Level 4 Planning & Schedule Creation; Advanced Estimating, Tendering, QS and Cost Engineering … but doing so in a carefully co-ordinated manner so that all our students get to see … is the one proper and seamless way to manage Process Plant Design, Construction & Maintenance.

(c) Using our understanding of gestalt … makes it possible to deliver the world’s first highly compressed, highly advanced … and fully integrated Project, Program & Portfolio Management Diploma in the field of Process Plant Construction Management.

(d) The first to offer students the stunning advantages of STIM BY SIM ®. In a nutshell STIM BY SIM ® … or stimulation by simulation … refers to our “touch, taste, smell, see and hear … for yourself” approach … whereby we find ingenious 3D Modeling, Virtual Reality & Role Play methods … to bring into the classroom … all those Construction experiences that are not readily available to us via traditional interactions with the Process Plant Construction Site.

(e) The first to make gurus of our understudies who get to rehearse, consolidate and gain absolute mastery of all the above theory … by actually designing, constructing and “maintaining” their own Mini Process Plant.

(f) And here’s a fantastic first: We are the first to accept that not all our graduates will go on to settle down as Senior Planners, Cost Engineers, Contract Managers, etc. Why? Because many will actually go much further … to become Project Control Managers … and even beyond. Why this confidence? Now comes the ace up our sleeves. If you feel the stuff you’ve read thus far was exciting … then here’s something riveting: Coming Soon: We are quietly strategizing behind the scenes to bring you … in partnership with a solidly accredited and highly established university … what we call … a “Process Plant Biased” … Project Management MBA. This means we can probably look forward to a good percentage of our future students potentially going on to become Project Directors on large Process Plant Construction sites. Why this confidence? Because they will be the most suitably qualified. Because this is exactly what their training will have prepared them for. Because they will have trained for this leadership role from day one. Because they will be specialists from the ground up. That’s why!!!

(g) News Flash: Based on highly obvious reasons to do with common sense and relevancy … we are super confident that employers will soon make our students their first port of call. Isn’t that what you’d expect from a company of firsts?

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