FREE iiCADet Course

FREE iiCADeT Course

CADET COURSE: (Computer Aided Development Trainee Course) ABOUT: This course will teach students Piping Development using the following: Parallel line method of development Radial line method of development Triangulation method of development Analytical methods of development SmartFitter’s COmputerized DEvelopment MEthods (CoDeMe) It will also teach Level 1 in: Piping Math Piping Drawing (Blue prints) Piping Trade Theory Launch Special: SmartFitter’s SmartPhone based CoDeMe Software ($300 value)will be provided free of cost to all who enrol and successfully complete the course. This offer could expire at any time. Course Type: Online, Instructor led. Who may enrol? •Pipe Fitters, •Semi Skilled Pipe Fitters, •Semi-Skilled Construction Workers, •Semi Skilled Welders, •Persons who have an interest in Pipe Fitting. Cost: $295.00 Duration: One week Qualification: CADET Certificate. Please note: We reserve the right not to sell our Software and/or our Training Courses to persons of dubious intentions. Standards: We intend to maintain High Standards. Any False or Fraudulent Communications, Declarations, Certificates, Statements, Responses etc. could lead to immediate and permanent disqualification from whichever SMARTFITTER Course you may have enrolled for. Surf with confidence: You can trust this site. We promise never to sell or share your data with third parties. Buy with confidence: In addition to the above security measures, when you buy from us we refer the transaction to paypal who take payment from our customers and then pay us. We Never get to see your credit card information.