iiComADOr Course

iiComADOr (Supervisor) Course

COMADOR COURSE (Project Planning & Management Course) Do You Qualify? Do you consider yourself to be one of the best in the Piping World? Prove to yourself (and your workmates) that you are. Get accepted for our ComADOr Course (Computer Assisted Duty Organiser … where none but the best are admitted. Hands On A hands-on Project Planning & Management Course for the Process Plant Construction environment … the Comador Course gives you the rare opportunity to actually try out all the things you cold never get to try out on a live construction project. You and your peers get to build a mini Process Plant yourselves. You will be coached step by step as you start with studying and interpreting blue prints. and actually dabbling with CAD as you venture into the world of 3D Piping Plant Layout. You will master GA’s, Isos, Flow Diagrams, Process & Instrumentation Drawings, Line Lists, etc. You will take charge of civils, grade and first fixes. You will climb into the JCB and do backacting and then do formwork / shuttering. You will erect the structure, be taught all rigging essentials from the sign language you see riggers use … to executing rigging studies including tandem lifts. You will rig all equipment and piping into position. Importantly … at every step … you will manage Safety, Health, Risk, Environment & Quality. You will be immersed in construction best practise. You will develop method Statements & conduct Risk assesments as a matter of course. You will master planning & scheduling. Using latest versions of Primavera and other planning software, you will learn how to develop a level 4 schedule. You will also be coached and allowed to take charge of commissioning and of course … close out and hand-over of your project. Apply. If you are accepted, then, for all your troubles, (even if you choose not to go ahead and actually do the course) we will send you … free of charge … (a) An "iiComADOr Candidate" Admittance Certficate stating that you were one of the few to be accepted to do the iiComADOr Course, and … (b) an impressive looking "iiComADOr Candidate" Keyring. Just our admittance Certificate alone will place you in very rare and prestigious group … and look impressive on your resume. Why? Only a small percentage meet our stringent admittance criteria. The Course comprises a theoretical or Online Component as well as a Practical or on-site component. Any discounts or free offers will only be applicable to the theoretical component of the course. Fees for the practical component must be paid for in full by all students who wish to enrol. Please Note: We are trying to attract the best piping people out there. Accordingly we need to mention that only persons who meet our stringent standards will be admitted to the course. Those who do not meet our standards will not be admitted to the course. Only a limited number of places will be available. We want to attract the cream of the crop. Accordingly … we will offer enticing discounts on the theoretical component of the course to those whose applications impress us most. If you think you one of the best in the game, please apply. The whole world is going green. Now you can have a front row seat as you watch your workmates go green with envy … while you go green on the "Energy Efficiency Front" using world class methodologies. ONLINE COMPONENT OF THE COURSE: Course Content: Project Management, Project Planning Task capture, Pert charting, Task Linking, Constraining, Resourcing, Leveling, Resolving Conflicts and Over Allocations, Baselining, Pulling out Resource Cascades, Setting up Resource Calendars, Rolling Horizons / Look-Aheads, Earned Value, S-Curves: Overall and Individual & Baseline vs. Actual, Daily planning meetings, Daily Diaries, Tracking of project and verification of claimed progress making allowance for punching, hydro testing and re-instatement, Progress chasing, Delivery Tracking, Flagging and Facilitation (using source documentation), Handling of critical path activities (CPM), Engineering Drawing Quantity Surveying, Contracts & Cost Management Drawing Office Administration: Filing, Transmittal and Retrieval of drawings. Admin of AFC Drawings / Blueprints Admin of Superseded Drawings / Blueprints Civils Structural Erection Installation of Mechanical Equipment Piping Operation of Construction Vehicles Price of Online (Theoretical) Component of Course: $ 4 995.00 PRACTICAL COMPONENT OF THE COURSE – THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFE-TIME The practical component of the course requires travel to, and accomodation at, a “real life” site … for a period of 6 Months and Includes physically getting involved in the design and construction of a real life miniature plant from the very beginning … through all the various phases of the Project … to the very end. From civils onto structural, mechanical, piping, E&I, through to cladding, then commissioning and eventually project close-out. With top shelf accommodation and your safety and entertainment taken care of … you will be forgiven if you return home feeling like you back from vacation (but with an "industry" amount of knowledge) Please note: Due to the high cost of Airline Travel, Insurance, Accomodation, Site Equipment, Construction Vehicles, Construction Material etc, we are unable to subsidise the Practical Section of the iiComADOr course. This section of the course must be paid for in full by all students who enrol. This course must be pre-booked well in advance to facilitate travel and accomodation arrangements. Persons who complete this section of the course will gain a thorough understanding of how all aspects of a construction Project come together. They will also gain tremendous confidence with regard to managing a construction site from beginning to end. The Practical Component of the Course includes: Engineering Drawing, including Design sketching, Flow Charts, Process & Instrumentation Diagrams, General Arrangements (GA’s), Isometric Drawings (Iso’s), Line Lists, CAD, etc, Quantity Surveying, Estimating, Contract & Cost Management using Professional Software, Excel Spreadsheets, etc we study Enquiry Documents, Tendering, Legal & Commercial Matters related to Construction, Bonds, Measuring and Claiming on Progress, etc. Civils including: Safety, Setting Out, Earth Works, Piling, Founds, Plinths, Bunding, Drainage, Shuttering, Steel Re-inforcement, Concrete Pouring, Structural Erection including Safety, Columns, Beams, Lattice Girders, Grating, Stairways, Handrails, Rigging Studies, Tandem Lifts etc, Installation of Mechanical Equipment including Safety, Pumps, Compressors, Reactors, etc, Piping including Safety, WorkShop Management, Contamination, Purging, Prefabrication, SandBlasting, Priming and Painting, Spool Piice Identification, LayDown Areas, On-site Installation, Tie-Ins, Headers, Expansion Loops, Bellows etc, Piping Brackets & Supports (Glidings, Slidings, Anchors, Hanging Supports, etc), Hydrotesting, Re-instatement, Commissioning, Hand Over & Maintainance. Operation of Construction Vehicles including Cranes, JCB’s, Flat Beds etc, Price of Practical (On-Site) Component of Course: $13 995.00 Pre-requisites for COMADOR Course: Pass our Entrance Test 4 years Process Plant Construction Experience in a qualified capacity. 2 years construction supervision experience. Meet our general (common sense) admission standards Detailed Admission Requirements: You must first complete the iiCADeT and iiCAPTn courses (if you have not already done so). You must pass our Entrance Test, You must furnish us with your latest/updated CV, You must furnish us with genuine Certificates of Service from duly established companies to show that you have at least 4 years General Pipe Fitting Experience, You must produce genuine Certificates of Service from duly established companies to show that you have at least 2 years Construction Supervision Experience, Your Supervision Experience should ideally be gotten in as many of the following fields as possible: Petrochemical & Related Industries, Oil Rigs, Paper Mills, Sugar Mills, etc. and should indicate whether the Work was Project Type, General Maintenance or ShutDown/Turnaround Type. Your Certificate/s of Service should show that you have at least the following experience: (a) Carbon Steel, (b) Stainless Steel, (c) Big Bore, (d) Small Bore, (e) WorkShop Fabrication Experience and (f) On site Pipe Fitting experience, It would be to your advantage if you could furnish us with Verifiable Character References bearing Referee Contact Details, You need to furnish us with Certificates of any other Courses you may have completed, and which, in your opinion will help impress our decision makers. Because this is a Construction Related Course, Any Technical or Management Qualifications could prove relevant, Feel free to furnish us with any other verifiable information you feel might enhance your application. NB: There is no discount available for the Practical (On-Site) Component of the Course. Please Note: The offer of a discount on the Theoretical (Online) Component of the iiComADOr Course could expire at any time, If unsuccessful in your application you may apply again, but only one year later, We reserve the right not to sell our Software and/or our Training Courses to persons of dubious intentions. We intend to maintain high standards: Any False or Fraudulent Communications, Declarations, Certificates, Statements, Responses etc. could lead to immediate and permanent disqualification from whichever SMARTFITTER Course you may have enrolled for. Study Loans: Please address all study loan enquiries to: Prices: iiComADOr Theoretical Component currently: $4 995, iiComADOr Practical Component currently: $13 995