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SmartFitter, Inc.

SmartFitter ... your one-stop Project Management Partner

Our definition of disaster: A project that finishes only two percent ahead of budget & schedule


“Almost everything can be expressed as a cost. Delays, Inefficiencies, etc. These all translate to increased cost. Time itself is a function of cost. Accordingly … Schedule & Resource Management are functions of cost. Cost is what it’s all about. Managing cost is what we’re all about”


We got your design side of things covered … from Process Design (PFDs, Block Diagrams and P&IDs) … to full blown Plant Design Management Systems such as Auto Desk Plant 3D, Navis Works and VR.


We made a name for ourselves back in 1991 when we released … (decades ahead of any competition) … our comprehensive range of Patent-pending (in-house Designed) Process Plant Construction Software.


With respect to our Training Division … we offer a comprehensive range of Construction Management Training that includes all “Process Plant” Construction Management Disciplines eg Project Planning, Procurement, Tendering & Estimating, Quantity Surveying, Costing, Contract Administration, Electronic Document Management, Project Management, Programme Management, etc.


With respect to all your contracts … we support you with Development, Review, Negotiation, Execution … plus general Management & Support.


Create, save and edit documents within one system. Access from a variety of platforms & devices.


The more you give, the more you receive. The more questions we answer, the more that people feel comfortable enough to keep asking. The more we share our expertise … the more we are referred to as an oasis of knowledge. How counter-intuitive: The more we give our “expertise” away … the more we get head-hunted.

But alas: Wanting to impart knowledge … and knowing how to do so … are two very different things.

Here’s the good news with respect to knowledge transfer: We maintain strict adherence to didactically sound methodologies  that we fine-tuned during years of full-time Formalised Training … and that we honed to perfection in the three Training Centres that we successfully setup and operated in the past … plus the one we are currently busy with.


The following statement is so important, we are going to re-state it in 3 different ways:
(a) Proper Planning is a key Project Management Pillar;
(b) Project Management is nothing without proper Project Planning;
(c) Projects are successful to the extent they are properly planned. Got it?

Every activity. Every milestone. Every logical relationship. Every cost. Every resource. These must be captured.
But that’s just part one. Equally importantly … they must be optimally integrated into the schedule.

Every surprise … and every risk … associated with decades of lessons learnt. These must be eliminated.

Every bottleneck. These can easily be identified … but only on a well designed, properly resourced and properly levelled schedule.
Unfortunately well-designed schedules are surprisingly hard to come by nowadays.

At SmartFitter however … Planning is our passion … and “well designed” is a function thereof. Because true passion never wanes … “well designed” is all we know to deliver. The spin-offs are great. We find that doing things with passion correlates to doing things right. The first time.

And doing things right is “oh so much easier’ than using the now ubiquitous slap-dash “guessing & hoping” approach taken by many who are still on the early rungs of the four decade ladder we’ve climbed. We can state this with confidence because we’ve seen this industry from all sides. We’ve seen it from the bottom … and we now (very deservedly) see it from the top. Trust us from where we sit … this is no ordinary view.

We build flawless level 4 schedules with more ease than our competition gives you copied and pasted schedules with the ever-present tell-tale name of equipment installed on their past projects.

Never make the mistake of thinking that bigger is necessarily better. We have a hunger for perfection. A hunger born of our determination to
establish ourselves as Global Consultants of Note.

Lack of expertise … “in any particular” … with respect to any of the above … could easily spell disaster for the project. Trust us … we sit in War Room Meetings with Clients, Stakeholders and multiple contractors, on a near daily basis.

We see a wide array of catastrophes occur over & over again. Imagine for example this real life experience … where every contractor is under the happy assumption that some other contractor is responsible for the installation of a specific aero conveyor … and the contractor who actually has this activity as part of his scope vehemently denies this in a fully constituted planning meeting until the proof is provided. What an expensive oversight. What an embarrassment to the industry.

Such oversight could prove disastrous (if not “fatal”) for not just the contractor … but also for a project … as EOTs and attendant Financial Claims eventually come pouring in from all sub-contractors. Sub-contractors for whom any activity (or even “curing times”) on the conveyor in question was a predecessor to their particular scope.

This is just one example of the kinds of catastrophes that still occur on major projects … notwithstanding Scope Management Plans and/or Excel Client Matrix or Interface Program/s informed by Contractor Planning Meetings.

Surprises: People who love surprises have obviously never managed a massive project. Surprises or any sort make Construction Professionals nervous because the question becomes: “If this today, then what tomorrow?”

Our OCD-like Pro-active Management Style coupled to our all-round business intelligence informs one of the two mottos “attached” to our schedules: “No suprises. Not now. Not ever”

With four decades of experience under our belt with respect to Earthworks/Civils, Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical & Instrumentation … on Chemical or Process Plants (eg Oil Refineries such as Caltex, Sapref, Sasol, Engen); All Power Stations throughout the country … (including both Base Load and Peaking Power Stations), Paper Mills, Sugar Mills, Roads, Buildings, Oil from Coal Installations (eg Sasol I, II & III) … and Oil from Gas Installations eg Mossgas … we argue that we are at the “sweet point” with respect to experience.

With any less experience it could be argued that there might be someone better out there. Any more would mean “the kids have taken over the business”. But  (usually) not the vision. They got all eyes on the bottom line … and on only the bottom line. They often fail to grasp the mission, the purpose … and the reason why Uncle Anthony poured his blood, sweat and hard gained Project Management knowledge (derived from pure passion) into the enterprise.

We make the case that we’re not any Joe Soap. We represent the real life Uncle Anthony Manuel mentioned above. All we ask for is the opportunity to visit … and give you a taste of the above-mentioned passion that we have for Process Plant Design, Construction and Maintenance. We need you. You need us. We really should be talking.

After forty years in the game … there’s hardly a trick in the book we don’t know. Nor any Management tools. Many swear by a particular Planning Management Tool. We however are super comfortable whether you want to go with Primavera, MSP, CCS Candy or any of the host of other Planning & Scheduling tools out there. Why? We fully understand the concepts behind planning. Accordingly it’s a minor matter to make the software do what we want it to do … whether that be to level resources, show cumulative value curves … or simply filter out Piping Cascades.

Accordingly … you can rest assured … from day one … of well presented, well formatted, highly regular reports. Reports (including Rolling Horizon look-aheads, Variance Reports, Critical Path, Sub-Critical Paths (Multiple Float Paths) Dashboards, etc) that you can trust for all decision making. This includes Earned Value Reports that will let you know the instant anyone “drops the ball”.

Looking for fully resourced, highly detailed Level 4 Schedules boasting rock solid logic? Logic based on 4 decades of confidently assembling key players, educating them with respect to the schedule, ensuring they understand the importance of their input … and not releasing them until we have everyone on board, with no confusion as to where the goalposts are. Then give us a call. But we warned: To listen to what we have to say in a “face to face” … could prove dangerous to the health of our competition.


Four Decades of experience on all major Chemical / Process Plants eg Paper Mills, Oil Refineries
(SapRef, Engen, Caltex, Sasol), Power Stations (all Power Stations countrywide),
Sugar Mills, Oil from Gas (PetroSA), Oil from Coal (Sasol I, II & III)

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PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Wide range of experience inclusive of following: inclusive of following:

➢ Manage Projects on behalf of client. Take responsibility for Workshop Prefabrication, plus all site based prefabrication & installation activities;
➢ Operate as 16.2 and represent Contractor at Daily Production Meetings. Take care of all Client / Contractor interfacing;
➢ Oversee daily Construction and / or Maintenance activities from organising Cranes to Meeting Management;
➢ Document Control and Management (Filing, Transmittal, Retrieval, Superseding). All revisions Tracked & Managed;
➢ Conduct regular departmental audits to ensure all round compliance;
➢ Material Management: Ensure all Material (Piping Spools, Valves, etc) properly labelled, laid down, Captured, Retrieved & installed;
➢ Oversight of departmental reports & merging of all into weekly & monthly consolidated / integrated reports
including creation of high level Management Dashboards and provision of all Daily, Weekly & Monthly.
Reports eg Rolling Horizon Look-aheads; Variance Reports; Earned Value Reports; Critical, Sub-critical &
Multiple Float Path reports; Cost & Resource Reports / Graphs … all to client spec.
➢ General Data Management, including electronic backups, XER Archiving, etc;
➢ Senior Advisor to Planning Engineering: Took on function of Senior Advisor to The Planning Engineering Dept on eight Peaking Power Stations;
➢ Countrywide Schedule Review: Was one of three persons responsible for Reviewing of Schedules for all Power Stations countrywide.


➢ Use weekly meetings & requisite tools to manage Costs, Resources & Schedule including Multiple Float Paths
(Potential Critical Paths);


➢ Founder of four Educational Institutions: Develop all Curricula;
➢ Currently establishing New University in USA.


➢ CONSTRUCTION PLANNING: GENERAL: Arrange & Chair Planning Meetings with all major stakeholders eg Maintenance Managers, Production Managers, Engineering, etc. As experienced Primavera P6 users we are able to develop overall completion schedules as well as detailed (Level 4) Schedules for New Builds, Maintenance Projects, Plant Modifications, and any combinations of the above. We are able to work from Source Documentation such as Plot Plans, GAs, Isometrics, P&IDs, Line lists, etc. Our experience includes:
(a) Creation of Nodes in EPS and Creation of New Projects within these nodes; Adding Activities; Setting up and applying Project & Resource Calendars; Creating & Applying Resources; Constraining Activities; Applying Pred/Succ Logic; Levelling Resources; Baselining; Tracking / Progress Chasing; Reporting
(including Rolling Horizons (Look-aheads) Cascades, S-Curves, Float Path Analysis Reports (Monitoring of all paths having potential to become critical) etc.

➢ CONSTRUCTION PLANNING: KUSILE POWER STATION: Did Project Planning at Kusile Power Station on both the
Flue Gas Desulphurisation Unit as well as on the Electrical Planning Packages. Was responsible for Planning on
Units 04 and 06. Role was to keep the team informed of issues, resolutions, etc via Circulated Updates &
Planning Reports related to Critical Path Meetings, Production Meetings, 3 Week Look-ahead Meetings, Risk
Management Meetings & Integration Meetings. Took responsibility for updating Schedule with Access
Received & Access Provided … as well as Tracking / updating of schedules … plus versioning / archiving of
schedules with past Data Dates.


✓ PEAKING POWER STATIONS: Was involved in regular Video Conference Meetings with Senior Management & Planners from all Power Stations. Challenge Station Planners with respect to outstanding Key Deliverables with aim of fixing. Help Manage Long Lead Items, Scope Freeze, Expert Resources, etc … across all Peaking Power Stations. When situation/s required … would invite & lead Maintenance Managers and/or Production Managers and/or balance of Maintenance Team … to work through issues within schedule/s after review of same. This sometimes required working through numerous iterations, what-ifs, etc … in order to align schedule with budget, availability of expert resources across all Power Stations, etc.

✓ COUNTRYWIDE SCHEDULE REVIEWS: Worked as a small team responsible for Planning Management of all Power Stations across the country including Base Load Power Stations. Was responsible for reviewing all schedules country-wide … getting involved from the very beginning at T-24 … or 24 months before a Station was scheduled for an Outage.

✓ DEEP DIVES: Conduct Deep Dives in order to find & fix problems within schedules … or to address knowledge gaps within Planning Team;

✓ SAP & WORK PACKAGE CREATION: Helped with creation of Work Packages for all possible maintenance activities … for all 26 Power Station Systems eg Flue Gas, Bottom Ash Removal, Ancillary, Station Common, ID Fans, Mills, Sootblowers, etc. Work Package creation included Plant Walk-downs to physically identify  equipment (whilst creating work package) with respect to activities to be performed on same eg Servicing, Overhaul, Replace, Clean, etc; Upload Work Packages into SAP, Run QC Procedure to ensure properly uploaded; Pull activities into Primavera P6 from SAP;

CONSTRUCTION IN GENERAL: Construction arena. Previous schedules have included:

➢ Well rounded in the  Earthworks & Civils (Cutting, Filling, Grade, Compacting, Piling, Formwork / shuttering / Plinths / Piping Sleepers / Equipment bases, Steel fixing), Structural Steel Erection (Columns, Beams, Lattice Girders), Major Mechanical Equipment Rigging & Installation, Piping (Sandblast, Primer, Painting, Pre-Fabrication, Installation, Hydro-Testing,
Re-instatement, E&I (including Cable Tray construction, Cable pulling, Terminating, Loop checks, etc), Building,


➢ As follow up to Schedule Reviews, Diagnostic Exercises, Deep Dives, etc … make
use of didactically sound Technical Training Consultancy & Lecturing Division know-how, to determine gaps in procedures & understanding … and then follow up with Remedial Measures;


➢ We are familiar with all the Major Project Management Software Tools.

  1. The only surprise on our projects is how indistinguishable our “actual curve” is from the mutually agreed “planned curve”
  2. We start Risk Management from the day we receive your call;
  3. Our definition of disaster: A project that finishes only two percent ahead of budget & schedule.


We don’t mean to demean our competition … but we are often genuinely surprised at how some don’t bother making new mistakes. They seem far too focused on “repeating mistakes made on previous projects”. We come armed with a register of every old lesson learnt, and would be embarrassed no end to overlook a “new” risk that we “ought” to have picked up … let alone a “case study” that’s done the rounds in all major engineering journals / publications.


The modern company is usually a very busy place. When HR find themselves under a heavy deadline as is often the case … then unlike many typical Positions … the Construction Management Position that requires a very unique skillset that they usually know little about … means that the advertised Job Spec vs the actual Job Spec can often be two very different things.


From procurement of professional Construction Management staff to evaluating them against clearly defined key deliverables. Deliverables obtained by conscientious research into the actual job requirements … and based primarily on discussion held with the actual Manager requesting the resource. From the didactically sound use of diagnostics … (aimed at identifying variance between candidates skill set  vs established Job Deliverables) … to the closing of thees gaps in an institution with it’s own didactically sound Training Division …

From our in-house safety induction … to the on-site orientation of our highly bespoke … or “diagnostically upgraded” candidates …

From ensuring our placements are well versed with respect to all deliverables … and especially with respect to Spec & Format of all regular (requisite) reports … to supporting of same professional staff throughout your project life cycle … whether this be through our PMO setup or under your direct management …

… you get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that … in a nutshell … you get a truly bespoke, well thought out, one-stop, cohesive, on-budget, and on-schedule “surpriseless” Project Management solution … from pre-feasibility to commissioning & handover … across all disciplines from  earthworks/Civils … to Structural, Mechanical, Piping,and E&I.


We should be talking