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Welcome to the Pii Piper Range of Pipe Fitting SmartPhones. *(Please read on to find out about forthcoming upgrades to our current software Bundle) The name Pii Piper refers to the entire Range of PDA’s to which we add our "CoDeMe" Pipe Fitting Software. CoDeMe is an abbreviation for: Computerised Development Methods. Armed with the Pii Piper SmartPhone, and after just a few hours of training, you will be able to solve all common Pipe Fitting developments or calculations within seconds … literally. Solve in under 60econds any of the following: •Lobster Back or Segmented Bends, •Laterals / Branch Connections / “Trousers”, •Tees / Stubs, •Dummy Supports, •Rolling Offsets, •Concentric Reducers, •Odd Angle Elbow Development, •CTF Calculations (Any Angles / Any Radius), •Eccentric Reducers, •Frustrums, •Trigonometry, •Linear Expansion, •Pipe Massing, •Gain on Bends. eBooklets: The following Electronic Piping Booklets are also included in the Software. •Piping Trade Theory eBooklet, •Piping Math eBooklet, •Piping Drawing eBooklet. Engineering Drawing Assistance: The following Piping Drawing (BluePrint) Programs are also included in our Software: •A comprehensive Drawing Symbol List that you can Scroll through, •A comprehensive Drawing Abbreviation List that you can Scroll through. Program Benefits: •Solve all common Piping Problems, •Solve in Seconds not Hours, •Complete the Course in Hours not Years, •Easy to master. For Example: People who know nothing about Piping can master all these solutions in mere hours of training … on condition they can read and use a tape measure.