Began training in 1991 as Sole Proprietorship
Launched revolutionary patent-pending Process Plant Software in 1991
Registered in 1996 as "Elect Erect Piping Institute cc"
See our "Ancient" 1991 Process Plant Company Video below
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Because we are expanding internationally it is possible you’ve only just heard of SmartFitter. Do not be mistaken however… SmartFitter is by no means a Johnny come lately. The core of our Company was established as a sole proprietorship way back in 1991 and in1996 was registered as a Closed Corporation.

Back then we went by the name of Elect Erect Piping Institute. Today Elect Erect is the mother Company and SmartFitter is an evolved name that more accurately reflects what this division of the company does. A close look at the accompanying Early Days Video Clip (see bottom of HISTORY page) will show that way back in the beginning we used, not Smart Phones, but the Sharp PC1403-H to solve, even back then … almost all Process Plant Piping Problems.

The PC1403-H served our purposes extremely well back then, even though it only had a “One-Short-Line-of-Text” Screen like that of a Calculator. Big Screens were hardly necessary though, because back then, processors did not like graphics intensive programs. In fact: many desktop computers were still running DOS back then.

So … our Good ol’ Faithful Sharp PC1403-H looked and felt like a Calculator, but, in all fairness it was a highly reliable, fully programmable Pocket Computer that worked extremely well. Early Responses to our Process Plant Construction Software: Back then construction workers could hardly believe their eyes.

They loved the way this little machine solved all their most difficult Process Plant Piping problems from Laterals to Segmented Bends, and From Rolling Offsets to Eccentric Reducers. There were no eBooks included in this Version 1 Product. There were no Drawing Symbols and Abbreviation Lists. There were slightly fewer Programs and, because there was no Graphical User Interface, the usage was slightly more complicated, demanded a little more Training, and took fractionally longer to execute.

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