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Mission Statement

(a) To train up and encourage future Captains of Construction … and to engender highest caliber leaders who understand that every ethical and noble move they make … will be instrumental in helping to make the Construction site … and the world … a better … and a safer place.

(b) To make Project Leaders. Equipped to go on to become positive influencers. This requires a combination of proper construction etiquette, wisdom and proper understanding of the big picture. We help where we can with the wisdom and etiquette … but… using our exhaustive Course offering … we major big time in providing the big picture … and the detail to boot.

(c) To light the fire of intrinsic motivation and passion for all things Construction, without which it’s nearly impossible to obtain the absolute mastery. There’s no place worse than the Construction War Room when you not sure how to pull out the Critical path … have no clue regarding Rolling Horizons … and are unable to perform Earned Value Analysis. But then again: It’s an exciting and challenging place when you’re fully aware of all that’s looming on your main Float Paths … and even better … when you’re the one asking the questions … and when you’re the one relaying reports to Project Sponsors / Stakeholders. Reports we will teach you to design … but which your management team will populate … according to your dictates!

(d) To provide the rationale for our students to see the need to master all of construction … not just one facet! To impart the full understanding and the full appreciation of the truth that: “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. Hence our exhaustive offering! We intend to get our students to experience the rare sensation of absolute love for a job that can only come from absolute confidence … which in turn comes from absolute Mastery … of the entire Process Plant Landscape … ie: Project, Program and Portfolio Management of Process Plants with respect to Design, Construction and Maintenance;

(e) To ensure our students are not overwhelmed by the scale of the undertaking … but on the contrary … approach the subject matter with enthusiasm as we get them to
understand that … due to overlapping areas of knowledge … mastery of one discipline … leads to exponentially less time to master the next … making mastery of each subsequent discipline easier and easier … constantly feeding back via cumulative revision … into greater and greater understanding of previously learnt content … and increasingly clear grasp of the big picture. Call us to find out how we can use this to create for you … the competitive edge;

(f) Finally: Our intention is to provide the confidence to get our students to set sail: If we can get our alumni to one day manage their own department … or better … an entire Construction Site … or even better … their own Construction Management Business (regarding which we’d be happy to provide any assistance we can) … then from us to them it’s: “Aye Aye Captain: Mission accomplished!”

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